Death Notices and Funeral Announcements

Letting people know about the death of someone close to you can be difficult; phoning to tell them can be upsetting and, even if someone offers to help, you may worry that you’ve not contacted everybody. This is why a death announcement or obituary can be useful.

Death Notices are usually printed in the person’s local paper. If they had recently moved to a new area or had particular ties to another part of the country, you may also wish to place a notice in that town’s papers.

If the person was well known or had connections in several areas, it may also be appropriate to place an announcement in a national paper (such as The Scotsman or The Herald).

Whether you choose a short, simple notice or a longer appreciation, it is usual to include your loved one’s birth and death dates, where they were born and some information about their family relationships. The announcement should also have information about when and where the funeral will take place. If there are any special instructions – such as what people should where to the funeral or if you would prefer to only have family flowers only – you should also include them in the notice.

More detailed appreciations may also include information about the person’s life, career, hobbies and achievements – this may be particularly appropriate if they did a lot of work in the local community, were a keen sportsperson, or where well known locally.

You may also wish to include a short poem or verse in the announcement, and we can help you find something fitting if you need us to.