Making Funeral Arrangements

A close family member or friend generally organises the funeral – although there are no rules about who can or can’t make the arrangements. Whoever it is will be responsible not only for deciding what the funeral will involve and making the arrangements, but also for paying for it.

Once you have asked us to arrange a funeral, we will make an appointment to talk to you about your plans. We can meet you at home, at our premises or – if required – at the offices of your solicitor.

Whilst we understand how difficult and daunting it is to arrange a funeral, there will be some things that you will need decide as soon as you can. These include whether it will be a burial or cremation, when and where you would like the funeral to take place, and the type of service that would be most appropriate.

We will also need to know:

  • Their name, age and address
  • Where they are (i.e. which hospital or home)
  • Their GP’s details
  • If a Form 11 (Death Certificate) has been issued

You can contact us before you have the Death Certificate, but you will need to have it for the funeral to be able to take place.